It’s a HAP

Goodness I’m having a difficult time grasping how quickly 2017 is going. February already and I along with others no doubt are thinking that our New Years resolution is either most definitely on shaky ground or a long lost memory. 11pm last night saw me jumping out of bed to reassure myself that the yarn I’d chosen to knit my new design ‘The Mabel Shawl’ was going to be as lovely as I remembered. It was, I’m pleased to say, just as gorgeous as it was at 10.30 pm when I chose it. However, 10am and the colours have already changed a few times. I’m using  Cumbria fingering weight yarn from The Fibre Co that I stock here at SuffolkSocks. I won’t jinx my colour choices by naming them but they are delicious.

The Mabel Shawl.

My inspiration for this design comes from Mabel, our much loved resident of our towns local park 

A large cresent shaped shawl using 2, 100gm skeins.  An ideal knit for beginners to the more experianced knitter. Using garter stitch throughout with an applied border it can be made as large as you like. You can wrap yourself up in it on the coldest of days to snuggle in.  I love garter stitch, it has great stitch definition and once this yarn has been soaked it plumps up. with every 2 skein purchase youll receive a paper pattern for ‘The Mabel shawl’ and whilsts stock lasts a small mystery gift.


Where did January go


The 3 Skien Knit


Since beginning I can without a hesitation declare that Ive failed most miserably with this self imposed monogamus malarky and yarn diet. Who was I trying to kid. I dont feel bad at all, I feel empowered that I can say another WIP, not too loudly, perhaps a mere mutter  to myself in the craft room. As for the yarn/skein diet thats going not so badly. My diet doesnt mean I can’t or wont buy any yarn its an attempt to go down to 3/4 skeins to knit a jumper not the usual 4/5 skeins it takes.

My theory behind this is

  1. It will take less time to knit.
  2. It will cost less
  3. when I get down to 3 skeins once Ive knit 3 jumpers I get one jumper  free. I usually use 4 skeins.

This may not make any sense to anyone other than me  and perhaps Emma my retreat friend. Together we came up with this idea, well actually she was very lovely and nodded and said all the right  things at the right time. There wont be any jaw dropping entrance for me at our next meetup looking slim, toned and wearing a 3 skein jumper. Ill be the same as usual, happy as larry in my 4/5 skein jumper.

 Its all about whats in the sock sack.


Socks are my most favourite thing to knit, they are my constant companion, my confidiant, if my favourite little tweed sock bag could talk it would give you an immediate journey to the inner me, my worries, insecurties, upsets, trials and trivulations of my life, all the cheery things, plans, dreams.  It would also  reveal my love of Galaxy chocolate, coffee and  NCIS. I tell you and hour with Gibbs and thats me sorted for the day ahead. Who doesnt love Jethro ? I watched it on Friday night and there was McGee sporting some handknit socks knit by Abby, well even  Jonathan was impressed.





Im joining in with #boxofsox KAL and Im onto pair number 4.  Ive 3 pairs in the box but my Sassy Socks have been disqualified as I realised I cast them on in December.They look so pretty in the box they can stay there for a wee while. Im hoping eventually to get a lovely pretty little box to keep them in . Procastination is the thief of time is it not, well Jonathan tells me it is.

Ive been busy

Ive had a lovely time putting my sock designs in print. Ive a lovely tech editor thats kept me right and some very lovely ladies that have test knit it for me. The pattern page includes 3 designs , Ive had some yarn dyed that will be exclusive shades to suffolk Socks and Im hoping to release it this month.

On my needles

In my bag this week is a pair of plain vanilla socks using yarn from Yan Tan Tetherer  Sea dream and oh boy it is oh so so sooooo soft and gorgeous. I won this at a knitting retreat I was at. My plan was to knit a lacy design but once Id started I realised that the design and the gorgeousness of the yarn werent doing each other any favours so I  frogged what Id knit and cast on some good old vanilla socks and they are lovely and for me. Another cast on are these gorgeous stripey socks from Regia. Im using chiaogoo circulars magic loop and Ive decided to use  toe up  method  this time  and so far so good.


My next cast on is going to be these zany yarnilicious socks again from Regia, the 3rd design range from the ever so popular Arne & Carlos range. This range has be really popular in the shop so Ill be ordering some more jsut so I can knit some. the hardest part is choosing a colour.



My Needles.


Ive been consciously making a mental note of all the different type and styles of needles I use and also of the way I knit. I first started knitting socks using metal DPNs then progressed to wooden ones. Then I discovered magic loop and now Ive thrown in some 9″ circular needles. Each method serves its purpose, Im much quicker using dpns, magic loop is great for car knitting and the 9″ make my WIP so compact that I can pop them in my handbag if Im at the hairdresser etc. *Please note Im hardly ever at the hairdressers* I used this example because I was there this week.  Ive decide that I like them all but I love dpns. I say this with absolout clarity because the 9″ hiya hiyas whilst lovely they are so sharp the end of my finger is so sore from being impaled on it. As for my style of knitting, Im taking part in #yarnlovechaallenge and I posted a small short video of me knitting. I got a message asking if Id always been a lever knitter. Id never heard this term before  so I think I’m a lever throwing dpn sock loving knitter.

Why Aye Lets Knit



Translated means “Oh yes lets knit” my new video podcast. Its now public knowledge that Im indecisive, a waffler,  a tad on the ditsy side,a northerner and the simplest pleasures in life float my boat. Thank You very much to all the lovely viewers who took the time to watch and leave me comments and DM me. Ive been thrilled to bits with the response.

My husband plays the music so I didnt have to worry too much about copyright. To be honest it didn’t enter my head, without the family being here to keep me on the right side of technology Id still be using a chalk board. my son teaches IT and Ill say to him, just pretend im one of the kids you teach, he says he doesnt have a pupil that is as illiterate as I am when it come to technology.

Diversing here but years ago my lovely SIL and I did our Nursery Nurse training together, in those days Lol we had to do a subject EAW, I think it was electronics for women, I know what a load of tosh. Anyway in the exam it asked name an instruction on a washing machine. how hard was that. Afterwards we all got together and some people put thermostat and other more intelligent answers, we waited till later to tell each other our answers. I put hot and cold, she put on and off. This explains why 35 years later she still my bestest freind .

We did pass though.


We had a knit group

Crikey what a laugh we had. It was a great knitting seesion with lovely people, lovely knitting and lovely conversation, I don’t  feel the need to mention how fabulous the cakes were. There were 15  of us. Id been out the day before and bought new stools as but I had to deploy the furniture I use only when all the family are around the table ,yes my nest of tables made great stools  for us all.

Thankfully I had enough mugs. Thoroughly enjoyed  the day so thank you to everyone who came.

Miss Matilda

What a joy this girl is too our family, shes got her first tooth, shes started swimming lessons, shes rolling over. Its a wonderful feeling faced with this bundle of joy. I wonder when she smiles does she know that everyone of her family has a heart that bursts with unconditional love for her. I think she must because shes always being told. She also knows that unlady like noises coming from either end of her body makes us laugh and has her Grandad and Aunties running from the room incase theres a nappy to be changed. Me I think Thankgoodness it takes me ages to change a nappy lol and she loves my hand knits. Here she is  with her loevly Mummy wearing Grandmas hat that took ages to knit but if she wanted it Id  let her keep it.

I hope youve enjoyed my chatter, thank you for taking the time to read it.

Enjoy your day


Julie x


I’m often asked this about needles and I have to say I haven’t got one. When I first started knitting back in the day all that was available were metal needles but now we’re spoilt for choice and I can admit to following the trend. I was happy as Larry with my Clover bamboo DPNs, then Knitpro appeared before me so I started using them and loved them just as much; I then discovered Chiaogoo, then Hiya Hiya 9″, then Knit Pro brought out the Zing range. During all these trials I even bought, at huge expense, Signature DPNs! I was so worried about losing one of these that I would only use them at home. After all the ranges of needles had been experimented with I came to the conclusion that actually it didn’t matter what brand I used, all my finished socks were equally gorgeous and I’d loved working on each one of them no matter what price bracket my needle choice fell into.

Have a look in any of my project bags and they’ll all have different brands of needles. My HiyaHiya DPNs are usually accompanied by a roll of micro tape as they are so sharp which makes them great for lace knitting.


Faffing About

   Happy new Year !

I seem to be faffing about lately. This to me means Im doing lots of everything but not enough of anything and thats rolling into my knitty life. Sock Blanks or skeins, socks or mitts, jumpers or cardigans, cowl or hat. Im just faff faff faffing along as if Im one of those balance bikes.


December had my needles on fire knitting those Christmas socks, the language was a tad on the unsavoury side. Why did I even imagine that come December I’d have no problem knitting all those socks that I’d obviously had a problem knitting the past 11 months of the year?  Well I knit what I had/wanted too crossing a fair few off the intended list never to be added again and vowed that Im not knitting anything for anyone else (Except Miss Matilda) in the month of December , neva eva!


      January has had me sorting my stash out, I’m pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too bad. Yes I have the standard 4 jumpers worth of yarn in there and possibly 3 lace shawls worth and at least 4 pairs of socks worth. The biggest bag was the left overs of sock yarn. When new yarn comes into the shop I always knit one sock to see how it feels, hence the quantity. I pondered how I’d use these up. I thought about the mitred square blanket and even started it, but no thats wasn’t working. In the end I decided to cake the yarn up using 2 strand to make a heavier weight yarn ad knit some Scrappy Dappy Socks . The 2 cakes I made are massive and I’ll probably get least 6 pairs out of them.


Whats In my Bag (s)

Not a lot actually. Socks socks and more socks, I reckon in my rosy world having socks in a project bag is like having milk in the fridge, coffee and sugar in the larder. Its a staple that I never run out of or tire of.


Celebration Lucy 4ply sock yarn

News Letter

Sign up for our Newsletter. This month were focusing on needles, wether we have a favourite or not.I’m slowly building a heathly needle set obsession.


Christmas with Miss Matilda

Christmas with Miss Matilda was lovely. She didnt have a clue what was going on,but as usual smiled away performing all her new party tricks and enjoying the attention almost as much as we enjoyed giving it. We spent Christmas Eve at Lucys feasting on homemade sausage rolls and tasty treats made by her and Phoebe. Matilda was fought over as too which one of us would bath her, she was in her element holding court whilst 3 of us bathed her, poor Lydia didnt stand a chance.It gave her a chance to sit and enjoy a tipple and a sauagae roll or 2.

Happy New Year to all.

Thank you for spending time reading my blog, enjoy your week .


Head over Heels

We’re ‘Head over Heels’ in love with this new range of yarn!

Oh my word we’re head over heels in love with Head over Heels sock yarn.

Our choice of wool for December is the new 4ply sock yarn from Stylecraft launched in September. The most difficult decision was choosing a colour. The 5 shades available  are simply a delight, available as self striping and  gradient,  named after mountains Fiji, Eiger, Everest, kilimanjaro , Matterhorn and Olympus, its hard to choose one. With its 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon content it makes a great sock yarn combination.

Depending on your gauge recommended needle size is 2mm-3.25. I will say my gauge is pretty standard and I always use a 2.50 but I think this is a slightly thinner 4 ply than some of the other commercial socks yarns Iv’e knit with. I decided to use a 2.25mm and cast on 68sts instead of  66sts to give the finished knit a more dense like feel and I’m thrilled with the pair I’m knitting for Mr SuffolkSocks who has no problem wearing pink stripes at all (I  only wish Id knit them in my size). Included with each purchase whilst stock lasts is a free patterns, hat shawl and socks. Not only is  it great for knitting its great to crochet too.The shade  knit in the image is Matterhorn

Ho Ho Ho!!!!

Whats not to love about this time a year?

Here at Suffolk Socks HQ we’ve been busy packing and dispatching all your lovely parcels. Lots of ‘Twas The Knit Before christmas’ and ‘Cosy Toots’  kits have gone out. They’ve been really popular and  already we’ve seen some of the socks knit up, they are all looking fabulous.

product image                slider        WYS024       DSC03609

Since our last newsletter its been great to see that the discount code has been taken advantage of and several sockblanks are on their journey. A big Thank You to everyone who supports Suffolk Socks we truly appreciate it.

20161118_11010920161118_111326 20161118_111047 20161118_111616  20161118_105433

Have you sent santa a letter yet?

I have. I even gave very clear instructions that should his Elves not have time to make it then he’ll find it at a certain yarn shop in Brighton. Im talking about the Fringe Supply Co project bag. Whilst at the Curious country house retreat   one of the lovely attendees had one of these bags and I loved it.  I never say can I have this for Christmas as we like to surprise each other but this year I actually said ‘Id really really like this and this is where you get it and any  colour  id be happy with” so wait and see. Obviously with this pending gift I think I’ll have to have some extra special yarn on standby to put in it.

Stash attack

This will be  my new years resolution. Ive got to much in my stash and I’m going to wittle it down so wether I knit it or gift it, its got to go. Its not massive but Im not  comfortable with it. The joy of going out to get that special yarn for a pattern has gone as I feel I should knit with yarn I have.  Is it a case of yarn gluttony? I don’t know but its got to stop for me. I am not judging anyone and the size of their stash, Im just judging myself. Lets be realistic though the chances of this resolution lasting past January will be a miracle.

Whats new.

I have some  new designs coming out.  Its been so exciting doing this. I often design my own pattern for socks that Im gifting but after much persuasion from knitter friends Ive decided to release some of them. They’re heading off to test knitters and Im hoping to release them early February. It will have 4 designs on with the same cast on, heel and toe.



The other design is a shawl  which Im hoping to release early January and I love it. Its a large snuggly  knit using Cumbria fingering from The Fibre Company. It can be knit in one solid shade or 2 contrasting shades.

Whats off the needles, frogged and cast ons.

Ive been really ruthless sorting my wips and stash out. Ive frogged my Madewell cardigan which both the yarn and the design were great I just felt the style of the cardigan would make me look more like Busty Bertha and I wasnt looking forward to working all those k1 x p1. I also frogged a jumper I was knitting for Jonathan using some Arranmore yarn from The Fibre Co. Both purchases of these yarns were fairly expensive and for them to be lying discarded in their project bags not getting any love was a waste of money, so they’ve gone back to live in the stash cupboard.

The Dr says knit a sock a day

Lots of socks have been cast off. Ive found gift knitting a chore this year and Im pleased with what Ive knit but I can genuinely say Ive not enjoyed it at all and next year I wont be doing any gift knitting.

Once all the socks were put away and the jumpers frogged I left it a few days debating what to knit and I chose to cast on a boyfriend type sloppy jumper. I used stash yarn, some lovely Dovestone DK from Baa Ram Ewe. Its  a lovely shade of grey/blue and Ive added a few rows of handspun alpaca on the yoke to break the dark colour up and im loving it.



My other cast on was some socks for Mr Suffolk Socks using a Regia yarn  from one of the Arne & Carlos  design lines and I think this yarn could become a favourite. Im really enjoying having only 2 knits on the needles. I have plenty WIPS  on the needles for SuffolkSocks and I was starting to feel bogged down by it all, hence the sort out. I now only knit for the shop during the day should it be a sample or design and  for  myself  on an evening.

My other cast offs were my Sonder Shawl a design from Helen stewart as part of The shawl Society. I bought the wool Tundra from The fibre Company whilst at The Curious Handmade Country house retreat. This was going to be gifted but I soon changed that when it was finished , it is so gorgeous and soft it would be criminal to not keep it and enjoy it myself. To finish off the outfit my hat finally got finished. I used Titus 4ply from Baa ram Ewe. This was a purchase from Yarndale a few years ago, so Im slowly working through the stash.



The term selfish knitting is a strange label, the word selfish is a negative word. If I did racing driving as a hobby would I be expected to give everyone a lift. I think not.

No post would be complete without a photo of Miss Matilda who is practically perfect in every way.  Her Mummy is so excited about their first family Christmas  its catching. Her Daddy is too but he’s trying to be manly.


Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas.

Love from

Julie, Jonathan and Lucy the Suffolk Socks team


Sock Blanks Galore.

cat1Those socks, those socks, those sock blanks.

Here at Suffolk Socks HQ we’ve gone sock blank mad and its great. Our creative minds can go wild wondering how that pre knit yarn,  hand dyed peice of work will knit up. Ive never seen a one I dont want to knit yet. I can say that sometimes the ones that perhaps aren’t the most appealing have actually turned out beautiful.   Having knit a few ugly ducklings they have all turned in to beautiful swans.

You dont have to stop at sock knitting either with a sock blank, Knit  your blank into  gorgeous shawl. Alot of customers at Yarndale hadnt seen or heard about sock blanks and couldnt understand the benefits or delights of knitting from  one. Im happy to report the knitters new to them have returned and purchased more sock blanks.

The benefits:1

A sock blank doesnt have to be caked.

You can cast on immediately.

Anticipation and excitement of how it will knit upEach sock blank is truly unique no two alike .

4 9 7 12

Why not go sock mad and cast on a sock blank. For those of you who subscribe to our newsletter , a newsletter will be arriving in your in box with a sock blank promotion.

10   7  3  20161118_105433

Socks socks socks.


Its all “Socks socks socks here at Suffolk Socks. Theres nothing I think nicer than closing the curtains, then snuggling down with a drink and your knitting. I could admit to  doing  this through the day and the only difference is the curtains being closed but I won’t.  Some of the neighbours would say I was a slob, but I know Im being creative.


Soctober Dropout

( I keep singing this title to the song in Grease…. beauty school dropout lol )

IMG_2610            IMG_2621    IMG_1939

Soctober wasn’t as successful as Id hoped, I got 3 pair finished. I decided that the angst I feel when I haven’t  knit everyone a pair of socks is just too over welming. It was with a heavy knitting bag that I decided to just knit for me from that point, after Id knit for the kids, my husband and my parents. Of course my grandaughter will always have her own project bag full of knits for her.

IMG_1938          IMG_0455              image

Whats New ? woolly sock whoa whoa whoa whoa  whoaaaa.

Lots of new stock has been making its way in to the shop.

                Stylecraft,Head Over Heels

categoryI like to try out all the yarns  before I stock them in the shop. Ill admit I wasnt too sure about this one but Im so so glad I bought some at Ally Pally Knit and Stitch Show. The Head Over Heels yarn from Stylecraft is great. Its 75% super wash, 25% nylon make it a fine sock yarn. Its meterage of 400m/437 yds means theres more than enough to knit a pair of socks for the larger foot. Its gorgeous and soft with a slight halo to it, the colours in this range do not disappoint. When it comes to colour you dont have to look further than stylecraft when making all the granny square, stripe and ripple blankets. On top of all that you can machine wash and tumble. YESSSSS tumble read the ball band, I had to look twice too. Another shocker coming your way the p£6.50 a ball. Have you had to sit down yet.


olympus            fuji

matterhorn                             everest

On a non knitting topic I have admit its a miracle that by sheer luck alone Ive manged to line the above images up.

Opal 4 ply solid colours.

We ve introduced a range of solid shades from Opal. Theres  a good selection to choose from if  you want to knit cuffs, heels and toes in a contrasting colour or knit a pair using a single colour that will enhance the texture and pattern you choose, this yarn produces  great stitch definition.


Aren’t they lovely and bright?  They most difficult decision is what colour to choose.

Cosy Toots.

Our Cosy Toots kit has been really successful, a big thank you to everyone who purchased one of these kits. Im looking forward to seeing lots of DK handknit socks. Each kit contained 150grams of DK yarn from Opal, needles and needle protectors, stitch markers/ progress keeper and a few little surprises.Well worth £20.




Twas the Knit before Christmas.

Ive loved putting this kit together. 2 skeins of hand dyed yarn.One skein with all the nostalgic vintage shades of Christmas past and the second skein  with pops of bright colour just like the exploding  fire works letting us know the clock has struck midnight and were into another year. Lots of lovely extras in this kit.

product image

Holly Berry and Cherry Drop


These colours were hugely popular last Christmas so weve brought them back this year. reduced price if you buy them together.

Julie Walters

Thats me, the name youll see on my new design that will be available very soon. Its back from being tech edited, my shawl is blocking at my feet, another on the needles,then its hey ho off we go to photograph it. that should be fun, non of my lot will be the model so it might be me ( sorry). Im thrilled with how this has knit up, exactly how I was hoping it would. So watch out for it going live. The yarn I’ve used is Cumbria fingering from The Fibre Co, all the colours are beautiful and it knits great socks too. fibcatl

Thank you !

I have to say a heartfelt thankyou to everyone who has sent me messages via social media wishing my daughter Phoebe good health. Its been a rough week for her but shes on the mend and will be back to herself soon, her sassyness is back but Im ignoring that for the time being, Ill start taking her to task next week about it lol.

Thank you for reading and happy knitting



Sassy sassy sassy.

Its Socktober.

I was off to a great start come the 1st of Socktober but I seem to be slowing down a little. I haven’t purposely left socks to finish this month its just I do have a few to finish thats for sure. I always seem to be under the impression that  I have a more than acceptable number of sock wips on the pins, but what is an acceptable number. Is it less than 10, less than 5 it could be when your reaching for your keys, coat and purse so you can head out to by more needle. Im of the opinion does it matter as long as your happy and comfortable with the number, its not going to have any  negative knock on effect thats for sure. My happy comfort zone is around 7 sock wips on the go, they all get finished eventually and they are all for different people so I’m ok with that. I happy to say that I have only 3 pairs on the pins this week but i know Im going to be casting on some next week ready to take to the knitting retreatIMG_2689

Owning a yarn shop that sells only sock yarn can be a problem as I want to cast on most of what I stock but  I’m going to be using Cumbria from The Fibre Company. I knit  a pair size 10.5 UK size using one skein. whilst a little scratchy once blocked they are so soft and the the yarn has great stitch definition and earthy feel to it. I used a 2.75mm needle and kept a 60 stitch cast on. Jonathan  loves them and reckons they’re the nicest ones Ive knit for him. High praise indeed.

Ally Pally.

On Friay Lucy and I headed off to Ally Pally. The knitting and stitching show in London.Every year I debate to go and as usual at the last minute we went. Over the years it seems to be getting less and less. Usually theres a good selection of quilting stands but this year there wasn’t, there seemed to be more stands with rolls of material, handbags, confectionary and clothes, which weren’t on my wish list really. There were some lovely yarn stalls but I think the cost of the stands are so high its unaffordable to the small independent dyer and yarn shop owner. Saying this I did get some fab stuff from those that were there. New to me was Truly Hooked, what a lovely couple own this. Verity Castledaine is the dyer and designer behind Truly Hooked and her husband Meryck is the tech editor layout of charts expert and in Veritys words highly tolerant of her relentless nagging whilst producing a fabulous book . The Sock Drawer. It has 10 designs and the worst bit about the book is trying to decide which design to knit first.IMG_2723

My biggest purchase was a sleeveless vest formally known as a Tank Top from the Jamison stand. Nahanni River designed by Betts Lampers. I bought all the wool  and I can’t wait to cast on. Its been okayed by Jonathan and the size chosen so its needles at the ready. I absolutely love colour work, to me its so relaxing and takes me into a zone that is so mediative. I always have a colour work project and I was going to knit Bowland by Susan Crawford but when I saw this  it just popped into my bag as if it said take me home mummy.IMG_2737

Im using the same colours as shown.

I also came home with 2 kits. This stall always attracts me but this is the first time Ive bought from them. They are Latvian Mitts and a Latvian Christmas stocking.IMG_2727

Aren’t they fab. Ive already knit the Christmas stocking, I think Santa sprinkled some of his magic dust on my needles as the just flew off them. Its for Matilda my Granddaughter to hang on the fire place  at our house,IMG_2738

My drink of choice is nothing fancy I’m afraid just coffee, instant nescafe and really hot. I have tried the fusions and the fancy teas but I like my nescafe. I do like a lovely mug though,I will admit to being a mug snob. My favourite is a Royal Worchester mug my Dad bought me from `Sutton Hoo National Trust Shop and I love it. mostly because he bought it I think.


This is my Dad he’s 81 tomorrow, and I’ve named my sock base after him ‘Ted”. This colour way will be going into the shop when I come back from `Cumbria once halloween is behind us. Ill keep you all updated.

Thank you for reading my blog.



                                A new week.

IMG_2594Back to Normal.

Well as normal as can be, here at suffolk Socks HQ. The run up to Yarndale was exhausting but it was I think a walk in the park compared to how exhausted we were on Sunday night. It was a great time, we met some fabulous people and had some great laughs, Thank you to everyone who came to see us, we were thrilled and somewhat over whelmed by the success of our first ever vending event. Jonathan was the best assistant, completely out of his comfort zone but he was great, and a whizz with his bar code scanner and till.

I stuck to the shopping list.




Even though it was non stop I did manage to get some purchases and didn’t stray too far off my list. John Arbon paint by Numbers, 2 brooches from The Knitting Gift Shop and the most adorable beautiful kit from The knitting Shed. I was having a problem choosing a colour so  I decided to go with both.  In my world you can never have enough purple and pink.



Sassy Socks Rock


Wednesday was spent sorting out the stock and having a general shop tidy it also involved quite a bit of knitting. I decided to cast on a skein of my hand dyed Socks Rock colour way and they just seemed to knit themselves. I had the house to myself in the evening so it was knit knit knit. Why I write this I don’t know as its always knit knit knit in the evenings regardless of how many Walters are here. This colours way is a cheery little number full of colourful splashes and I love it. Im already thinking I could knit a cardigan in it at some point. Its 100% BFL, 400m and a joy to knit, its making perfect socks.





This is the Sassy Socks Rock in sock blank form using the same colour palette. Its a merino nylon blend yarn. Im hoping I can get these finished and put away before one of my girls claims them, if so thats at least 2 pairs for the Christmas box.

My favourite buy.

My most favourite purchase has to be a little dress kit I bought from The knitting Shed. I saw this stand at Fibre East, I was still under the  impression that I didn’t like knitting for babies so I didn’t get anything. This knit has been on my mind since then and i was thrilled when they were next to us at Yarndale  so I didn’t waste any time in getting one. The kits come in great packaging with skeins of cascade cotton, Liberty print fabric, buttons and the most adorable pattern to make this……


Isn’t it the cutest thing ever, I think Id like one for me.  Ive decided I do like knitting smaller items if they are worked in the round and bit more to them than  the baby knits of the past. Im talking of when I knit for  mine and it was white, mint or lemon then you moved onto pink or blue. That makes me feel  not so young.

Waffly Chat.

Life in general has now slowed down which in my world is great.  Im a bit of a hermit, yes I do come across as chatty, outgoing and confident and I am ( not that confident) but I’m in my comfort zone once Im behind the front door happy as larry pooling about knowing that all is well with my kids and extended family up north. My Mum and dad are on holiday living it up in Italy, My youngest has just got back from Milan wheres she’s been working Fashion week with Gucci. She loved it even though the dog in the hotel she was staying in bit her and the stance the hotel took was, “oh she’s young just like you and needs a hug’. lets hope they put a muzzle on it when its hugging someone else.   My eldest Lucy stayed at ours this weekend to animal sit, so a big Thankyou Lucy I really appreciate it. Lucy is a knitter so I always love going to hers and seeing her basket of wool in the living room, she’s just bought a loom and her weaving looks great.



October sees me heading upto Cumbria to attend The Curioushandmade country house retreat. I went to the last retreat so I know exactly what to expect. It was just the best time had. Everything was brilliant, Helen and Mette worked so hard behind the scenes making sure everything was perfect,and it was. A few of us are returning attendees so I’, looking forward to meeting old friends and meeting new friends who will have the best time ever. 3 days of great company,  fabulous accommodation,  lovely food and knitting. A recipe for success!


Tonight were all going to Lucys for tea, she happens to be a great cook, she just got her knitting skills from me. Matilda will be there so well be pulling straws as to who holds her so her Mummy can get her tea. Grandad usually wins. her Daddy doesn’t get a chance and my only hope is her nappy needs changing as Aunty Lucy and Grandad refuse to do it, I don’t care I’m sooooooo slow at changing nappies lol. These are my 2 fave photos of the week of her with her Mum and dad.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it. A heartfelt big Thank you to everyone who pooped by over the weekend to say hello to us, we loved meeting you all.

Have a great week.


Julie x