Ho Ho Ho Santa baby.

I don’t have any problem what-so-ever with Christmas in fact, it could be Christmas and winter (ish) all year round as far as I’m concerned. Here at Suffolk Socks, we’ve decided to overlook the fact it is Autumn, and we’ve got Halloween and Guy Fawkes first, and launch right in with our Christmas Kits.

Santa Rocks Socks is our most popular kit. Each calico tote bag contains a minimum of £40’s worth of yarn. Each skein is hand picked by me ensuring that no tw0 kits are the same. There’ll be a great choice and choosing what to cast on will be so difficult because there’ll be at least 4 future cast on’s. Cast them all on you don’t have to wait until Christmas.

Staying in the Christmas sock spirit why not cast on a sparkly little number with the RICO SUPERBA Las Vegas range. I’ve seen this knit up and once soaked and blocked its a lovely yarn, wether its knit into socks, mittens or a shawl.




Blow Wind Blow

My favourite book when my children were little was Mrs Mopples Washing Line, perhaps it’s because Autumn is my favourite season.


Blustery trees leaves swirling around the park, squirrels running and jumping tree to tree, our yearly conker competition and to top it off all my woollies make an appearance. I’ve suddenly an urge to knit some socks using autumnal shades so I’ve  put together a range in  Suffolk Socks Shop of all the lovely rich colourful sock yarns reflecting the changing of seasons. Why non-knitters ask do you knit socks? Because we can.

Hot Socks Rock


Hot Socks Colour is a new range that’s just arrived and oh my giddy aunt each shade is fabulous, self-striping, approx 420 m, 100gms, 75% wool 255 polyamide, knits great and once soaked is super soft.

I’ve loved knitting this yarn and it will be perfect for long hikes through the forest, kicking the leaves up or just having a pyjama day. It has a slightly rustic earthy type textured feel whilst knitting up, but when I soaked and blocked mine it was lovely and soft. Here’s sock one in the early stages and already I was smitten with this yarn. Great stitch definition, I couldn’t put it down.

Some other fabulous autumnal shades are from Rowan in their Fine Art yarn range, this is a luxurious yarn made up of merino, silk mohair and polyamide(nylon). I knit a pair of socks for Mr SS and he loved them. Wear well, wash great and a joy to knit.

Pop over to Suffolk Socks and see our range which is only a small selection of the fabulous sock yarns we have in stock. It will have you reaching for empty needles and project bags which we happen to stock too, be a Yarn Tart!

I always have some socks on my needles using yarn that I’ve dyed myself ‘The Yarn Tart’. Under ‘The Yarn Tart’ heading in the menu bar, you’ll find a selection of hand dyed yarn on a variety of bases. I don’t have a favourite base. Platinum has more of a drape whilst Jive a high twist mix is slightly thicker. My Ted base is BFL and my Tweed base is a super wash Merino with Donegal neps throughout. All fabulous to knit the hardest part is deciding the shade.

My Autumn /Winter sock drawer would not be complete without some Cosy Toes socks. This is a sock pattern I designed using Toft Dk. These are so luxurious to wear and to knit, muted pale greys and browns a little design feature around the cuff, my signature twisted cast on and hey ho its Cosy Toes we go.



Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

We’re all head over heels here at SSHQ with a new delivery of  Head Over Heel’s sock yarn from Stylecraft. Oh, my giddy aunt, they are gorgeous. Their range of colours is definitely worthy of a few gasps of delight and all the oohs and ahhs.

Its deciding the colour that could cause delays casting on. I recommend casting them all on. lol



I went down to a 2.25mm needle and cast on 64 sts using this yarn as I find it a lighter weight 4 ply and the sock was appearing too loose. This is a personal preference as Im aware we all knit at a different gauge.


Rune Shawl

Another shawl has been cast off. A design from Helen Stewart, Curious Handmade Shawl Society and as much as I love it I gifted it to my sister Ann who loves it just as much so it was worth it. I knit it using single merino and once I got used to knitting with this yarn it was a joy.

Confetti Jumper.


Hurray, I’m finished.

I had a bit of a blip but I carried on after it spent a few days on the time out chair. I love it. The only tweak I did was knitting it slightly shorter.I’m pleased I did as it would have been too long. Excuse the dorky pose and the hair. ( I’m thankful you can’t see the huge pile of dirty washing to my left lol)

I’m pleased I did as it would have been too long once it had been blocked.  Excuse the dorky pose and the hair. ( I’m thankful you can’t see the huge pile of dirty washing to my left lol)


Another cast On


I’ve already cast on my next knit. It’s a design from Laine Magazine Winterly. I’ve used Knit By Numbers from John Arbon. I love this yarn and I can wear it next to my skin which is a huge bonus, the range of colours is fabulous and it’s always on my shopping list at any fibre festival.

The fit of my Confetti jumper is perfect so I’m using the same stitch count for cast on and increases etc adding the lace panels and detailed yoke from Winterly.


The only sock WIP I have on the needle is a pair of vanilla socks. I’m using my Addi Sock Wonder fixed circular needle that I have in stock and the yarn is a Regia 4ply, one of Kaffe Fassett’s designs called Autumn. My last socks I knit using these needles were really big but I seem to have got my gauge back to normal using these and can happily knit a 60 sts cast on.

Thank you for spending time reading my blog, I really appreciate it. you can check out my podcast over on You Tube too It’s called  ‘Wey aye lets Knit’ Translated  Oh Yes lets knit or Of course lets knit.

Enjoy the rest of your day

happy Knitting

Julie x



Its Cakes Galore

It’s cake galore here at Suffolk Socks. I’ve been caking up so lovely yarn ready to go out in October to all our lovely SSSC ( Suffolk Socks Sock Club) members and making some lovely handmade project bags for them too. Im thoroughly enjoying choosing sock yarn for the club and I hope you love it too.

As well as having a love hate relationship with my ball winder I’ve been updating the shop with some Regia Pairfect a design line from Arne & Carlos and some beautiful shades from Kaffe Fassett. Not only is this selling quickly its being knit quick too. One lovely lady from knit group was onto the foot of her sock using wool bought only on Friday and it is beautiful. The shade was Myth, I came home and thought that’s being cast on then I saw Passion next to it and then I couldn’t make my mind up. I battle with my sensible big girl knickers pulled up when I want to have a cast on party, my head usually wins over my heart, not all the time though.

  Arent the gorgeous.Can you understand my dilemma?


Today in between being a Domestic Goddess singing away and a coffee barista I’ll be sat in SSHQ (Suffolk Socks Head Quarter) working away on my School Socks Rock 2 designs I’ll be releasing soon they are lovely, well I think they are and I’m thrilled with how they’ve knit up.

Have a great day everyone


jule x

Join The Club

Suffolk Socks Yarn Club

Join our first surprise commercial sock yarn club. Over 3 months you’ll receive 300 gms of commercial sock yarn that I’ve removed the ball bands from. It will be caked up ready to cast on and I’ll give you the meterage and wool content but I won’t be telling you the brand. This is going to be such a fun club that starts in October, included will be a project bag and a few surprises along the way. I’ll have knit with each of the yarns so you can be reassured you’ll be getting some loveliness each month it could be a 4ply or even a DK yarn wait and see its a surprise.

The Yarn Tart Club

This has been such good fun. There are a limited number of spaces left, each month you’ll receive 100gms of 4ply yarn hand dyed by myself. These shades will be exclusive to the subscription members only. They might come to you as a sock blank or even 2 x 50 gm skeins not only will you get yarn each month a Yarn Tart project bag will be included too. The bags will be different each subscription and not everyone will receive the same. Month 1 everyone was very happy with their bag isn’t it fab!


Hey Ho Hey Ho It’s back to work I go

My first task on my return to work after I’d gave the house a good kick was to get the dye pots out and update Suffolk Socks with some more yarn-licious yarn from The Yarn Tart. I produced 7 new shades using our Platinum and Ted base 4ply. They are fab even if I am slightly biased.

Bodice Ripper, Midnight Dreams, Shells Bells, Scary Mary, Dirty Gerty from Number 30, Socks on Beach and Sandy Balls, whats not to l0ve.


Bags Bags Bags


The Yarn Tart bags have been posted all over, big thanks to all who got one. Each person subscribing to  Suffolk Socks Yarn Club and The Yarn Tart club will receive a bag with their first month’s yarn. We also have in stock matching coasters that make great small gifts for yourself and your friends.


Back to normal

Well as normal as can be in my rose coloured world. Jonathan ‘Mr Suffolk Socks’ and I have had a staycation, goodness it was hard work. Day 1 my lovely future DIL had a surprise party at our house for my sons birthday, this saw me cooking curry for 30 people, attacking my house with Mr Sheen as never before, hanging fairy lights everywhere, in the middle of this my SIL came for the weekend as planned and during it I heard my brother was staying locally ,thennn my grand daughter stayed the night and I jammed my foot in a folding chair (best not to know) got bitten to death by midges, is that spelling correct. I was shattered before the night began, but saying this it was a great night with all Thoms friends and Lydia’s side of the family and worth all the work. The plus side was that my house stayed very tidy because we were in the garden all night. Days out, impulsive nights away, getting together with family has been great but Im going to France in my van next year and I’m not telling anyone but Maggie (SIL) where I am.

Quote of The Holidays

I’m on a lace bit can you get me a glass of wine. According to Jonathan hahaha !

Whats on the Pins?

No socks have been knit, we visited my daughter and I left my sock bag at her house, she’s on her way home so I’ll be reunited with it later today. I was starting to have separation issues. Whilst no socks have been knit the needles have been busy. I cast on Sprites Fen, a beautiful shawl from Helen of Curious Handmade. It’s a lovely Pi shaped shawl with garter st, yarn overs, a few purl rows, eyelets and feather and fan finish. I knit this using some lace from the stash that I purchased from The yarn Garden whilst at EYF last year. As with all Helen’s designs, this is a delight to knit, the jury is still out having 519 stitches but I’ll be casting off in 4 rows time.

Here it is having it ta-dah moment. I absolutely love it!  I’ve forgotten how wonderful knitting shawls can be in lace, I compare it to child birth ” at the time I’m never knitting that many stitches again and once its cast off I forget all the tears tantrums sweat and blood that occurred over those 519 stitches.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve dabbled with the odd bit of sock knitting but not much, it’s been all about my Sprites Fen shawl and my Confetti jumper. Confetti is still getting some love, I made the big mistake of saying I wanted it finished for a retreat I’m off to in September. That was like the kiss of death on it, it will get finished in time I hope as I love the design and the John Arbon Knit by Numbers 4ply is a delight to knit with.

In The Bag.


The Yarn Tart bags have been posted all over, big thanks to all who got one. Each person subscribing to  Suffolk Socks Yarn Club and The Yarn Tart club will receive a bag with their first month’s yarn. we also have in stock matching coasters that make great small gifts.



Thank you for spending time reading my blog


Julie x

Two Quests For You

I’ve been on two quests. Its been difficult but someone had to do it lol. The first has been to find me, my perfect needle. It’s been interesting, frustrating and quite expensive. It’s fair to write that over the years I have tried and tested most of them and if I’m really honest some of the ones I’ve used have been more because they are on trend at the time and everyone and their granny is knitting with them. I’m a creature of habit and will usually end up back to where it all began with some DPNs. I’m so much quicker using them, my problem now is my gauge has become tighter so I now dither over stitch count versus needle size. Over time I’m aware that I’ve developed a love for 80″ fixed circs. The outcome of my extensive research is I love them all. I use them all, I have them all. I’ve socks cast on using each needle choice available.




Quest Number 2

How many bags can a lady have I wonder?  Well in this house not enough as far as I’m concerned the handbag requirement for me is, it has to hold my purse, my lippy my phone and most importantly there always has to be room for my knitting bag. Long gone are the days when I was happy as larry with a plastic carrier bag and my needles would poke through impaling the leg of an innocent passer by. I’ve tried and tested them all, handmade, commercial, big ones little ones. expensive ones, cheap ones, middle of the road ones, zip ones drawstring ones. What did I discover? I loved them all. Each one came with a memory that made them all equal. I can, though with hand on my heart, tell you the two I would never ever part with and they are both dog ugly.

My first ugly one is a brown corduroy bag with beige plastic handles, it was gifted to me when i was about 11 by an elderly lady my Mum knew. When she heard I was knitting she gave me it. It now holds all the redundant long straight needles that im loathe to get rid of.

My second ugly is a denim tote bag my husband got me. He was at a conference in washington and it was a standing joke that the tote bags he came back with full of info I would pinch and use as a knitting bag. This one conference they didnt hand any out so he bought me the essential tourist bag. As ugly as it is, and this is going back 25 years, I love it, even then the seed was planted with J that a girl who knits needs plenty of knitting bags.

The personal quest and research for the perfect bag has resulted in Suffolk Socks stocking an exclusive selection of calico zip bags designed by The Yarn Tart.


We also have a lovely selection of handmade project bags in stock.

Why not treat yourself  to a fab bag and fill it with some gorgeous sock yarn from Suffolk Socks.


If your looking for a gift for a knitting friend grab a bag whilst they are still at the introductory price of £10 and buy a matching coaster and a kitty snips to add to the zip so you’ll never be without the essentials.

Have a lovely day and Thank You for taking the time to read my blog. I also have a podcast ‘Wey Aye lets Knit’ translated means oh yes lets knit.





The Yarn Tart and proud

I don’t know where the time has gone but it’s June already. We’ve had a busy few weeks at Suffolk Socks HQ. After lots of lovely comments and encouragement I’ve decided to launch my own yarn label.

I’m still Julie of Suffolk Socks but my new yarn label is, tada… THE YARN TART!  How fab is that name ? Why THE YARN TART? Months ago my husband said I was a tart with my yarn, and so it stuck and I’m super duper excited to be a yarn tart. I have been dyeing up a storm! Already in stock we have a selection of 4 ply hand dyed yarns on different bases. Ted base is 75% BFL/25% nylon approx 420 m a great bristish yarn, Jive base is  80% High twist superwash Merino/20% nylon approx 365m and our Tweed base is 85% SW Merino/15 donegal neps approx 420m.

To celebrate the arrival of ‘THE YARN TART’ we are offering a fabulous 3 month subscription if you’d like to become a member of THE YARN TART Club for July, August and September. Becoming a member of THE YARN TART club makes available to you exclusive coloursways hand dyed by me, these yarns will not be available to buy in the shop whilst the 3 month subscription is running. Each month you’ll receive something different, there may be a skein, a sock blank or 2 x 50gm skeins popping through your door with guaranteed deliciousness and a few extra goodies *SPOILER ALERT* you’ll get a sneak peak of my new sock design that will be released later in the year.


Pop over to Suffolk Socks  and see some of the gorgeousness thats available. I’ve already cast on Lady stash and Ladette to lady in the Ted base. My needles cant go fast enough as I want to cast them all on.




Me-Made-May’17, the aim is to encourage and wear one handmade garment each day for the month of May. Everything from knickers to gloves with all the other weary things in-between. Whilst I’ve not knit any knickers, nor would attempt to, I have knit lots of socks and I’ve been generous to a T and gifted them all. It’s all about the socks here at Suffolk Socks . I did publicly admit defeat with the Box of Socks KAL but I think I’d like to give it another bash and see how I get on. Hopefully I’ll hang onto my future FOs and see if that box can be filled.

For my next lot of socks, I’m planning on using of Rowan fine Art, 4 ply sock yarn. It is lovely and squishy to knit with, great to wash, hard wearing (in my experience) a good price and has a fabulous range of shades to choose from. Finding the perfect design has been made so easy, I will be using a pattern from ‘A Sock Society’ by Rachel Coopey. This book has 10 designs, perfect to knit using Rowan Fine art.


Another one of my favourite sock books is called ‘Lazy Sundays’, 5 simply indulgent beaded (optional) socks to knit by Jane burns. The designs are simply beautiful and can be knit using Fine Art. Whats not to love. This book is light weight and its the perfect size for popping in your project bag.

Happy May Day.

Month 5 here already! I thought on Monday that spring has sprung and the sunshine has arrived but Ive had to do a mad rush to get the washing in and it hail stone. Yuk. Im hiding in my shop room as Jon is entertaining the gas man, who will inform us that yes we need a new heating system and then extract lots of money, I best get that yarn ordered before any financial curfew is imposed on the bank account.

Here at SSHQ ( Suffolk Socks Headquarters) weve just celebrated our 2nd birthday, to celebrate we had a knit group with lots of cake, coffee and chat. Each attendee  went home with a skien of hand dyed  yarn that I chose especially for them as a huge thank you for the support theyve given me over the last 2 years.

Whats off the pins

Ive been a busy bee, Ive cast off 6 pairs of socks over the last few weeks and they’ve all been gifted to the kids. Ive failed miserably in the box of socks KAL Ive now just got 2 pair in and they have been claimed. Im either going to have to get knitting and try and catch up or admit failure. Heres a selection of some of the socks that Ive gifted.

Spring Term                      Autumn Term                                                      Regia Blue and White stripes.


Hot Socks Diamond                                                     Sport Weight Merino.


Whats on the pins

LOTS is all I can say. Because my lovely box is bare I filled it with all the yarn I wanted to knit with so here goes. Im using all my own hand dyed yarn ‘Suffolk Socks Yarn’ These 3 beauties are SW Merino 4 ply. Shades Heavenly Stocks, Bramble Rose and Daffodil.

Merino Sock Blank, Northern Lights. Shade Nebulous.

Tweed. My Favourite People. Left to right.

Veronica, Isobel, Matilda, Glady, Lancelot, Bernard, Lizzie,Wilfred,Edmund and Ned.

Finally another sock blank from our Northern Lights Range Nebulous

That should be enough to keep me out of mischief for a while. Some of the cast on are new designs and other are good all faithful vanilla. I dont think you can beat a vanilla sock.

Im now off to rescue the gas man from my husband.

Happy knitting.

Happy Bank holiday

Julie x