Hello its been a while. its been a busy few weeks and this weekend weve been at Yarnporium which was great. It was so nice to meet all the lovely people who normallly live in my phone. Heres Mr Suffolk Socks and myself ready to start the day.


HO HO HO !!!!!

Yay Its official at suffolk Socks HQ we can talk Christmas without a grimace.

Ive been knitting away behind the scenes with some Christmas gift knitting. I still have a long way to go if all my  handknit gift list  goes to plan. Its such an  easy and blase  attidute when your confronted with Oh just knit me a pair of sock etc, Im not fussy.  Well Matey  I am and theres an arm and a leg length list of requirements that you have to fill before your even on my thought process of me knitting you something, and you dont have to be from the same gene pool either. Selfish as it seems the most knit worthy person on my list is me, its taken years to finally accept that just because Im good at knitting socks that everyone and their Granny isnt automatically entitled to my FOs. My Knitworthy folk are always my immediate family without a doubt so theyll have the obligatory  made by Mum socks under the tree. Heres some of the yarrns thats made it into my project bag over the last few months and some im hoping to get done. wish me luck.


Number 1

Good Old Zauberball. These are for Mr Suffolk Socks. 2.25mm 68sts cast on, a little bit of the design deatil is from My new pattern Same but Different, Heel falp and gusset. Im loving this yarn. whisch I say about all my sock yarn as I wouldnt stock it if I didnt.

Number 2

My next knit I loved knitting these. I used my own yarn The YARN TART in the Peanut Brittle colour way. As with most of the socks  knit intended  for a woman I rarely work a cuff choosing instead to begin with my signature twist. On these socks Ive included a repeat of  Autumn School Sock a  design from my School Socks Rock collection and with a little contrast stripe from the mini thats included. The wool is a High Twist Super wash Merino 80/20. These are now finished washed and ready to be gifted.


Number 3

Same But Different these are my new design using Mondim from Rosa Pamar. A non superwash Protuguese wool that is a dream to knit. Ive knit a fair few socks using this yarn and each pair delightful. The lack of nylon in Mondim isnt a problem for me, Ive been wearing mine lots and they’re wearing well.. and keep my feet warm and cosy. If you buy the yarn from me I include the paper pattern free. I cant say which one of my lot will gets these I know they read my blog x


Number 4

6ply Hot Socks  `Oh my  these are flying off the needles. 3mm needle, 50st cast on. Before I knew it sock one was finished. Im hoping if Ive  time to knit a matching pair of mittens .

I now have only 3 pairs of sock that I dearly want to knit for special people using my hand dyed yarn.

Stormy seas colourway will be socks for a man. Ill be using a design from my favourite Sock book Vintage Socks.

Dusk til dawn will become Lets go Fly a Kite my own design. Ive already knit these one pair. a simple 60 st cast on 2.5mm 10 sts repeat and 12 row repeat. Again free with any of The Yarn tart Yarn


Finally my last socks I want to get knit  is The Honey bee socks by Curious Handmade using a lovely brown colourway called Brogue.


I really hope your all enjoying your gift knitting and they are received with the love thats gone into them. Every year I say never again whilst thinking OOOH  Im going to knit such and such that with that yarn etc. What are we like.

Blinkin lovely thats what.

Happy knitting

love Jule

I should add Matilda is  right at the top of the list for any of my knitting lol.



We’ve got our Kits out.

At Last our Christmas kits have made it into the shop and they are delicious, full of lovely yarn and notions.

Each kits contains,

2 x 100gms of Mondin non superwash yarn



Pattern  and a beautiful handmade, exclusive to Suffolk Socks glass ornament. All this is in a drawstring bag from The Yarn Tart range.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, I like nothing better than than when the  nights are  drawing in,  sitting cosy and snug in my PJs with some knitting to hand. Ive been really good with the cast ons and even better with the ripping out of several redundant WIPs that have been languishing in the shrug with a trug. it was ridiculous I had to be honest and just ‘pull em out ‘ Lets face it if theyd been there for I dont know how long? then they werent going to make it to my feet anytime soon. I can happily say that Ive only 2 sock projects on the needles.


WIP 0ne is knit uaing an Opal 4 ply form their Safari range, Tasmania colourway. A 66 st cast on using 2.25mm fixed circ. I rarely knit on 2.25mm and only discovered the needle size when Jonathan tried them on and the were too tight. Thats the problem with the size written in  teeny tiny writing on the needles and I cant see it.


My other socks are my own design, my own yarn and they are for my own feet. These seem to be knitting themselves.

Im really enjoying having only 2 sock Wips on the needles. Im not opposed to having lots and lots but I feel alot happier now  that I dont have a pile of project bags next to me shouting knit me knit me.

I have 3 other projects Im working on. Im not in any rush to get these done. The one with the most work done  is Flax, a Tin can Knits design using The Fibre Co Arranmore yarn. Theis yarn is ssuper to knit with, its for my son and Im using 5mm needles which seen huge, Ive finished the body and Im onto the sleeves, I dont mind knitting sleeve thankgoodness.

Project 2 is Humulus by Isabel Kramer using Sandnes Garn 100% alpaca. My husband brought me this back from his Norewgian tour and oh my giddy aunt it is sheer luxury to knit.I might do short sleeves on this design depending the yarn meterage .

My final project is a min Birkin cardi for my Grand daughter. Ive just finished one for myself and had plenty wool left over.This design is heavily modified to fit a 2 year old so im hoping it works out. I did manage to try it on her, I thik im going to have to knit wide button bands to make it doubled breasted to give her a little more chest room, but we’ll see once ive steeked it

Weve had a few deliveries of yarn here at Suffolk Socks the larget one being some Zauberball and I can’t choose a favourite they are all so delicious so Ive decided to have a lucky dip with these beauties. In the Zauberball catagory we have a mystery kit option and I’ll choose a yarn for you from this range and a Yarn Tart bag.


Happy Knitting






Sunny days

It has been great weather here in Suffolk, Ive always been a “my glass is half full ” sort of girl so my opininion is that if it ain’t raining its great.

Life here at Suffolk Socks is all about going with the flow, Mr Suffolk Socks is away on a 3 week motorbike holiday touring Norway, they reach the most northerly point today. You’d think there would be plenty of knitting time, well your right. Ive been knitting up a storm of things. Ive had a severe case of castonitis, socks, jumpers, socks socks and more socks.

Jonathan sent me this photograph , seems he cant get away from yarny goodness.

There has been a few things cast off too. Most of my finished projetcs are socks so there no surprise there. If you watch my podcast Wey Aye Lets Knit you’ll know all about the Trug with the Shrug. Its a big garden trug I use to keep all my Wips in and I have a section in the podcast about the contents and my progress and ambition to finish them. Im failing miserably, theres more added than taken out but im laid back about it, gets done when it gets done.

My first cast off to show you is my afterthought everything. I knit one long tube with cuff at either ends then added true afterthought heels and toes. Definately wont be rushing to do this method again. Its also ended my dilemma to wether or not I invest in a sock machine. Ohhh no. putting heels and toes in are just not me, I know they can be done on the machine but ive decided to stick to my preferred ways. These were finished driving to London to meet up with our daughter.


Second FO is Fragment Socks. Knit using The Yarn Tart yarn, Mamma J colourway.

Third FO. 2 Colour Socks using Mondim 4ply. East London Knits is having a givaway of one of our 2 color sox kit. This yarn was a joy to knit from start to finish, I loved knitting them. The design is by Joji Locatelli and is really well written.

Ive a new cast on. its the Birkin sweater. Im using Finullgarn from Ysolda. Ive added 7 steek stitches so i can make this design into a cardigan. Im loving it. Colour work has always been  great fun for me. Christmas isnt the same if I have’nt cast on a Kate Davies colourwork design using Jamisons or Spindrift. Roll on September and my trip to Shetland.


My other WIP that is seeing some love is A Piece of Silver by Veera Valimaki. This design can be found in Lanie magazine edition 1. Im using a German commercial sock yarn that I stock, Hot Socks Tweed. Its knitting up a treat, the yarn is a bit toothy 75% wool 25% nylon, 100gm, 4 ply and a really great price £8.

Ive been busy with the dyepots, this will be my last update until August but there are some beautiful shades and bases available in the shop.

African Violet BFL/ Nylon. Northern Nights and Sand dune both 100% Corriedale.

Mamma J 75%wool 25% Nylon. This is Suffolk Socks colours and will be the only colour I repeat on different bases.

Scattered Petals 75%BFL/ 25% Nylon. This shade is so delicate and gentle ive had to keep one for myself. paired with African Violet

Ive published a new pattern Lets go fly a kite. A simple 10 st, 12 row pattern repeat. it has a twisted `Latvian twist cast on and cuff but a 2×2 or 1×1 rib work just as lovely.

Ive been trying my hand at making some Mandalas using white cotton.  Ive crochet as long as Ive knit. Knitting has always been my first love though and i can knit much better than I can crochet. My son is getting married in just 5 weeks and im making mandalas to hang around the garden where their reception is taking place.


I love this colourful one that hangs in my garden that my grandaughter plays with


Its time now to go and do shop work. Ive just had a delivery of the most beautiful Mondim 4 ply delivered and its got 4 new shades which are gorgeous Also in the next shop update are stitch markers and pins.


Happy Knitting










Suns out

Well hello.

The sun is shining here in Suffolk, still a tad chilly in the shade but otherwise Im loving it. Its been a busy  time since I last post. Ive been on a knitting retreat which as always was great and I attended Edinbrugh Yarn Festival which was amazing. Ive even fiinished projects using yarn that I purchased there and Ive cast on another.



My first FO was a lovely pair of fingerless mitts using yarn and a pattern from The Knitting Gift Shop, I wanted to cast these on straight away.  Id been harbouring the idea of buying a set of Lykke needles and this seemed like the ideal time to buy some and try them out. The mitts were cast on that night in my hotel room, a quick ish knit and one I can recommend. I have a problem with this statement ‘a quick knit’  Its often used when descibing and promoting patterns that more often than not cost an arm and a leg to knit. If im spending a hefty sum on yarn I want that knit to take a while. I guess that makes me a process knitter.

The Lykke needles were a joy to knit with. I didnt buy a set in  the end as 60% of the sizes in the set I wouldnt use. My perfect kit would be a pick and mix choice. Id love the case but would want it full of 2.5mm ,3mm, 3.25mm and 3.50mm which seem to be the sizes I mostly use. I hold my hand up and admit that Im so messy when it comes to the storage of my needles. Part of the blame lies at the feet of the needle manufacturers themselves, why dont the put the needles in a good quality sleeve that will last rather than some feeble cheap cellophane cover that gets ripped and is thrown out almost immediatly. I would rather pay a fraction more for this. It might even stop me buying multiple quantities and repeats of sizes I already have because I cant fiqure out the size of said needle that lies abandoned in a tupperware tub. Obviously I should be more disciplined be  tidy and all of that stuff but with a bag of needles covering over 45 years of knitting I dont think Im going to change anytime soon.

My 2nd FO is the fabulous Vinterfjell Sweater formally named Blafjell, a design from Ellie, Skeindeerknits. This was a delight to knit from the first stitch knit to the last cast off. Its Ellies first sweater design and I cant wait to see what else she comes out with. The pattern was really well written and easy to follow. The yarn I used was Rauma PT2 purchased from Ysolda teagues stand at EYF. The stand was a rainbow of colour and took me and age to decide but I went with what I had on my list and chose all neutrals and I love it.  I also got another jumpers worth in grey to knit a cardigan with but Ive lost the pattern, then Jonathan my husband said,….. yes he actually said that he’d quite fancy a Vinterfjell so hes having a grey one. Perfect.

My 3rd EYF project thats just met its needles is  Blink, a LOOP london patern and kit that I got. I was completely enabled by Emma, it didnt take much mind but Im so thrilled I got it as I know I would have regretted goin home without it. Its going to be a garter stitch slog is this one, but oh so worth it.

Obviously there was a little bit more purchased but Im happy to say whislt I strayed from the list I didnt go off budget. My other buys were a slection of mitts from The knitting Gift shop and the Pin Wheel fingerless mitts from Loop London


Ignoring the bright pink Ive gone for mostly neutrals and I didnt buy one skein of sock yarn.

Ive been busy behind the scenes here at Suffolk Socks. I released a sock design “Lets go fly a kite’ you can find it over on Ravelry. Its an easy to remember 10 stitch, 12 row pattern repeat and Im thrilled with it.

Shop Update.

I have a few kits in the shop,

The yarn Tart kit to celebrate its 2 year birthday contents 1 x 100gms of 4 ply Mamma J colourway, a handmade project bag and stitch markers.


This shade knits up beautifully,I knit Fragment sock with this yarn. a design for Curious Handmade available in  the latest laine magazine

Our other kit 2 Colour sox contents 1 x 100gms of speckled Mondim 4ply, 1 x 100gms of plain Mondim 4ply and a set of F&B stitch markers come in a sock size calico drawstring bag


Ive updated the shop with yarn from The Yarn Tart , 100% Corriedale Non superwash, they are gorgeous.



There are plenty but the one getting my attention tonight is Merrie Dancers Toorie by Elizabeth Johnston. Im knitting this to take to Shetland wool week in September which Im super excited about. The rib was tweaked slightly to use up the wool


Julie x




March Mondim Madness

Have you seen, Suffolk Socks now stock Mondim. A fabulous non Superwash Portugese 4 ply yarn. The colours are amazing. Ideal for most knitting projects. There are a good range of shades with some plain shades too if your loving the Brioche designs that are popular. Its Suffolk Socks 3rd birthday so Ive decided to  treat anyone spending £40 on our Mondim range to a pin from  The Yarn Tart or Suffolk Socks as a thank you whilst stock last.



March Madness

Its been all go here at Suffolk Socks. New sock wool in stock, new pins and trips of yarnie madness etc.


I went to EYF and Oh my giddy Aunt it was fabulous not just for the yarn but the hi lights were more about spending time with lots of lovely knitters. My first stop en route to Edinburgh was Cumbria to The Curious Handmade knitting retreat, which as usual was fabulous. Met up with old freinds made new friendships, bought lots of yarn, laughted lots, ate loads and yes some knitting did get done. Wednesday most of the attendees made their way upto Edinburgh. there has been lots of social media posts all about EYF so I wont write too much about it. I will say though that next time I go Ill  consider taking a bigger case or more posting bags as I posted 2 lots of yarn back home whilst I was there.Heres some of the hilights. I didnt take that many photos, i was either chatting or knitting.


Whats on the pins

Lots. Ive made a start on my #make9 revised. ive chosen 9 projects to knit for 9 people including myself and ive cast 4 on and finished 2.

Thoms flax jumper is coming on a treat , Arranmore Aran yarn form The Fibre Co is a gem to work with, Im not used to using such large needles. Even though they are 5mm thats quite big for me and im finding the project a little heavy.

My other purposeful knit is A Peice of Silver by Veera Valimaki, this design can be found in Laine magazine Issue 1. Its a lovely roll neck 4 ply jumper Im knitting for Lucy. Im not in any rush to finish these as they are for Christmas. Im using a 4ply tweed sock yarn from Grundl, again im loving this yarn and its costing me £32 in total compared to the Flax. As usual there are the never ending cast on of socks but they dont count. my final cast on is a design by Ellie of Skeindeer knits using yarn I purchased at EYF. Its a top down colourwork using some FinullPT2 and its fab.

Whats off the pins

Loadsa FOs.

My first cast off was my Confetti with a new take on it. I used my own yarn The Yarn Tart in the Mamma J colour way and Im thrilled with how it turned out. its been worn lots.


Flax light a wonderful design from Tin can Knits using The Yarn Tart yarn in shade Catchy Kissy and Happy Snaps. I knit this for Matilda she’ll not get much use out of it but thats an excuse to knit another.








My final cast off is Childs Cabled Cardigan. This was the only name Mina could come up with for it so she may change it once the pattern is released. I test knit for The Knitting Ex Pat and highly recommend it. I used some yarn from stash that I dyed up for myself last year and seems to be going on forever. as with the Flax jumper I dont think Matilda will get much wear out of it but with summer comin g it doesnt matter.



Weve lots of new stock arriving and just arrived. Weve  new pins The Yarn Tart and Suffolk Socks logo and some stitch markers from fripperies and Bibelots. 

We now stock Mondim. a Portugese yarn non super wash which I cant wait to test knit, its selling really fast so I have to get my skates on to get some 

We also have had an update of all our Hot Socks sock yarn. Great self striping madness is going on here.

Whats not to love.

I hope you all have a lovely peaceful Easter. Chat soon

Julie x

February lalalalala.


Goodness me we’re well into February already. I alway think its the coldest month of the year so all the handknits are out. They’re strewn all over the house just incase theres a sudden ice storm. I moved down to Suffolk  30 years ago from Northumberland, some would argue that I should be ok with the cold weather. I can, hand on my heart say that Ive never ever ever experianced cold weather like it that first winter here. Its a different sort of cold, one that just chills me too the bone. Ive lived here longer than I lived up north and Im still not used to the cold. brrrr

My husband reckons that if I just put  socks on I wouldnt be so cold but….. surprisingly considering Im a sock knitting addict I love bare feet but I cant bare cold feet, so to combat this I sit with a hot water bottle on them with a blanket over my knee.  Daft I know but we all have little quirks.

Lets talk socks


There are lots. Im one of ‘those’ knitters who has at least 10 socks on the go and it doesnt bother me in the slightest.

  1. My knitting bag is not answerable to anyone.
  2. I have lots of 2.5mm, my preferred needle size.
  3. I have lots of project bags. It would be daft not to use them
  4. It doesnt bother me
  5. Will it change world peace
  6. It wont have me needing marriage guidence/counselling
  7. If Im happy my family are happy
  8. If Im happy my family get socks
  9. If my family get socks I can cast on more socks
  10. Im happy, Im content, I love socks I can knit socks so I do

I could list many more statements, I was going to write reasons but that word in itself conjures up to me justification and I dont need too.

Favourite yarn

I love both indie dyed yarns and commercial yarns. I always have socks on the needles using my own yarn label The Yarn Tart. They are usually my own design that eventually gets published over on rravelry or in Suffolk Socks.

One of my two preferred commercial sock yarn is Hot Socks. I stock a fabulous range of Hot Socks at a really great price. Its a lovely plump yarn and the colours are amazing, ranging form soft gentle pastel shades in Tweed to bright bold self striping. Theres cotton, cashmere and wool nylon mix. Regia is my other favourite sock yarn. Slightly higher price but so lovely to knit. Great design lines in this range and lovely plump yarn makes great socks



I find trend knitting stressful. Diclaimer- Im speaking for myself. Do you ever think whilst going trough ravelry and seeing the lastest hot selling design that everyone and their Granny is knitting that you should rush off to your yarn cupboard and think Ive got to cast that on?  I do this, but not before Ive gone and bought the pattern though. By which time Im in such a state of anxiousness that I cant even focus or concentrate on anything. Pathetic I know but it happens. I spent ages deciding on my make 9 and hells bells minutes later I went and cast on a jumper that wasnt one of my 9 choices, what a waste of time for me.

So after much deliberation Ive come up with a different make 9. Its not about what I knit but about who I knit for. I think this will keep me busy throughout 201



Knit Group


I love a nice knit group, sitting knitting, chatting, theres no social divide , inclusive rather than exclusive.We all just are there because we have a love of fibre and craft.

Ipswich Knitteratti

This has been going for years and was the first knit group I ever went to nearly 10 years ago. Its now held at Washbrook  in the local pub. All the details are available on their forum over on ravelry.

Frating Knit days 

These are organised by Sally and Nadia from Great Horksley/Colchester knit group. They are a fabulous day. a small entrance fee, we all take cakes and a small raffle prize which is a laugh. The raffle is always in aid of a different charity each time.

The Wool Baa

The wool Baa is a wool shop in Felixstowe that is run by Debbie. Its stocks commercial yarns and its also a cafe that has the nicest scones and coffee. Im sure the other beverages and cake etc on offer are just as lovely but I always have a scone and coffee. Its a lovely freindly knit group and takes place on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings.

The Woolpack

Takes place on Monday mornings starting at 10.30 usually finishing 12ish. The woolpack pub is the junction of Henley and Westerfeild road next to the main entrance to Christchurch park and everyone is welcome.



My other fave group I go to isnt really a group its a regular get together with my lovely lovely friends  Jacqui and Toni. Ive only known them about 2 years but they have become such good friends that I dont know how I havent met them earlier or done without them before. I love them to bits and we have such a lovely time just being ourselves. As well as a shared love of knitting we also love cake and coffee just as much.



(works in progress)

Socks galore. I own a sock yarn shop so theres always a great selection that just has to be knit so I can give feedback to my lovely customers. Well thats my theory.


This is one of my make 9 choices. Ive  cast on using Arranmore Aran from The Fibre Co for my lovely son Thomas. Flax is a Tin Can Knit design. Its had the nod of approval from him so thats always a good sign. What a joy to knit, wool pattern and  intended recipient are all fab. Im using knit pro zings fixed circs, my needles make a lovely clicking sound with each stitch something Ive not noticed with my other needle choices, I dont knit why but it s quite a nostaligic  soothing feeling. As chatty as Iam I love  silence in my house, no backgound noise, just me, the clicking needles and the random snore from the dog or the cat who are never far from my side. This knit is going to be for Christmas so Im in no rush to knit this. It lives in my shop room which is where I can be found hiding. The animals are’nt allowed in here so they sit at the bottom of the starirs protesting on the other side of the stair gate.

Tin Can Knits have a great range of designs, starting at 0-6mths upto 4XL. Ive knit lots of their designs and the instructions are crystal clear with great result.



This is my all time favourite knit. Its my third time knitting it. The sizing and style fits me great. I tend to use all the stitch counts tweak bits of it. My last Confetti I added the Winterly lace design by Suvi Simola that was in Laine magazine. this time Ive followed all the instructions and 2″ below my bust line Ive knit into the FBFof the centre 20 stitches on the front and back to give a gathered more floaty effect. Ill continue to increase down each side of the garment so it still has the A Line shape. Im hoping this gives me the loose style look I wantand the bodice shaping I like. My 2nd make 9 as its for me.

Test Knit

Im working on a test knit for Mina Philipp Knitting Ex Pat. Its a lovely DK weight cabled cardigan with a shawl collar. I m using my own yarn that is a Merino dk that was left over from a cardigan I knit myself. Its for my Grandaughter so that again is one of my Make 9. Ive only just started this but so far Im liking how Mina writes out her designs. At first I did think ‘what alot of writing’ but once I sat down and started I couldnt imagine how else it could be done. It is so well explained  I didnt want to put it down .

Shop Stuff


Have you seen weve got Suffolk Socks pins. Im thrilled to bits with them. My daughter Lucy designed them and my logo. The perks of having a one daughter who is an illustrator and a husband who specializes in emcommerce building online retail sites means I usually have someone around to help with the teqnical side of things which Im hopeless at.

Also new in are some gorgeous Fripperies and Bibelot Ringo stitch markers in Suffolk Socks colours.



Im off to my regular knitting retreat in March up in Cumbria. Im so excited. its always a lovely time and Ive become firm friends with the regular attendees. Im sharing a room this time with Emma so that will be different. Emmas lovely and were both heading off to EYF with Dale who has a lovely online shop Farm to Cables Yarns in Canada. Emma and I are also heading over to Shetland wool week in September which we are both really madly excited about.

Fortunately my future plans are so much more than my immediate plans which involve cleaning bathrooms, kitchens and giving the house a good kick.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Thankyou for spending time reading my blog

love Julie x




Come and join The Self Striping Club £40 + P&P

Have you seen, starting in March there will be a new Suffolk Socks self-striping club using all commercial yarns. I’ve had a field day choosing stripy yarns and you won’t be disappointed. Each month you’ll receive 100gms of 4ply, a project bag from The Yarn Tart and a Suffolk Socks pin.

Subscriptions for non-UK members will be sent in one parcel towards the end of February, and each month will be clearly marked. In addition to needles, you’ll have to have some strong willpower not to open it (don’t worry about spoilers because everyone will receive a different choice of yarn). The cost of the club is £40 + p&p  so pop over to the shop and sign up. I can’t wait for it to start.

Its 2018

Happy New Year !!!

I love January. A fresh start, dreaming of new cast-ons, making plans for all the Fibre Festivals taking place in 2018 and finishing the WIPs that are lurking around the house – but I gave up that thought 5 minutes into 2018, who was I kidding (LOL).

I’ve kicked off my knitting year by joining the Commercial Yarn KAL that Amy from Stranded is hosting, and I’m loving it! Here at Suffolk Socks, we aim to offer a great range of indie-dyed and commercial yarns that are ideal for garments and perfect for socks. One of my favourite commercial yarns is Regia and it would be a fabulous choice for the Commercial Yarn KAL. I discovered this brand early on in my sock knitting and I love it still. Its a lovely plump yarn with such a great selection of shades and ranges to suit all preferences. Design lines from Kaffe Fassett and Arne & Carlos keep the enthusiasm going, remember Pairfect socks makes perfect knitting.

I’m looking forward to another exciting year for Suffolk Socks.



Back to Normal


As much as I love the festivities and all of that, its always a nice feeling to be back to normal. Ive had a lovely time looking around Ravelry seeing what Knit Alongs ‘KALs’ I want to join in with and one thats really appealled is Amy Florence Commercial Sock KAL. Can’t beat a lovely commercial sock yarn. Its alway a great price, I know I sell it. Id be hard pushed to say what the most popular commercial sock yarn is but if a well known podcaster is using it then .I usually sell out of that brand .

I always get a buzz when Ive managed to catch an update from an Indie dyer. I think there are some professionals at this but Im not one of them as Im always getting trolley jacked   As a yarn dyer myself I have a lot of special’skeins that are waiting for the right pattern to come along , because heaven forbid I will not knit a vanilla sock using my “good stuff”. Pathetic, daft I hear you shouting at this post but as a disclaimer its the way I feel. Im not speaking for any others. Give me 3 commercial skeins that are equal in money to that one ‘special skein’ and Oh my giddy aunt’ Im happy as larry and I take on the role of a mad woman and  can’t cast on quick enough. ANNND I alway love them just as much ANNND I wear them more too. What I discovered is that even though I have my own label The Yarn Tart I love commercial sock yarn equally so. Theres room for  all yarns all colours and all prices. Infact one of the least expensive yarns I stock happens to be my best seller and one of my favourites. Heres a few.

Grundl is a great affordable yarn with great colours. Cashmere, cotton, wool, and merino  mix. price ranges from £6.50 – £8.


But I do love abit of Regia, its a nice plumpish yarn and the colours are fabulous with desin lines from  Arne & Carlo and Kaffe Fassett being really popular. The Regia Pairfect is perfect too


Head Over Heels

A lovely lighter weight yarn from Stylecraft at £6.50 per 100gms. The colour range vary between tonals and stripes . I use 2.25 mm instead of my usual 2.5mm needle as I prefer a more denser fabric with my socks but this is a personal preference.


Opal, good old Opal. Theres always a good selection of yarns from Opal with new ranges appearing regularly.  75%wool 25% nylon mix make it a good hard wearing yarn. I made some great scrappy socks using Opals Celebration range.


If you like a bit of bling then we have Rico Las Vegas, or theres Rico Superba with bamboo content and Rico Poeme.



Rowan fine Art is another luxury commercial yarn. Its no longer available but I managed to get some before it sold out completely from Rowan. Its a premium handpainted yarn, 45% merino, 20%mohair, 20% polyamide and 10% silk. 400ms per 100gms and its reduced down to £12. Ive knit several pairs using this yarn and its fabulous. A  Knitted Sock Society by Rachel Coopey  is a full of designs using Rowan Fine Art.



Our new Club starting in March is fab. Suffolk Socks Self Striping Club is a 3 month subscription. over the 3 months you’ll receive 300 gms of self striping 4ply sock yarn, a project bag and a special Suffolk Socks pin. Ive placed an order for new to me ranges and shades which are so gorgeous I cant wait for them to arrive. I think I might have to get Jonathan to lucky dip me a shade and post it to me so I get the thrill of being a club member. The cost of the club is £40 + p&p. To keep the cost down only one post charge is included so all non UK members will receive all 3 yarns together, clearly marked with the month on it. It will be like a mini advent in March april and May.

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