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KnitPro needles are designed in a variety of type and styles ,importance is placed on excellent quality materials ensuring that its product is of the highest standard. With this in mind here at Suffolk Socks we rarely use anything other. A selection of carefully chosen needles with socks in mind are available to you, each style (dpns or fixed circular) and material choice have been used by us with great sock success.

Karbonz. A combination of carbon fibre with nickel plated brass tips. Light weight with a smooth surface that allows control of the stitches.

Nova Metal. metal needles made form hollow brass pipe which are nickel plated, light weight with sharp points.

Symfonie. A high densified laminated birch is used to produce these colouful, light weight ,sharp pointed needles. As with all wooden needles,the needles in the lower sizes 2.00mm- 3.5mm should be treated with appropriate care.

Bamboo. Made from Japenese Bamboo. Soft to touch and light weight to use As with all wooden needles the needles in the lower size range 2.00mm- 3.5mm should be treated with appropriate care.


The ultimate socks needles. 9"/23cm fixed circular available in lightweight stainless steel and bamboo.Both materials hugely popular, lightweight, super smooth, perfect joins and flexible cables.

The ultimate 9" Combined Sharp Sock Set provides you with all the ultimate compendium needed to make a magical sock knitting experience. Each set comes complete in its own material roll case and included in each are: 4 x 6 DPNs, 7 x 9 " Sharp Fixed Circulars, 1 x Darn It Needles, 1 x Kitty Snip, 1 x Needle Gauge, 1 x Yarn ball Stitch Markers, 1 x Locking stitch

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